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Sprout Tableware
Toddler Plate Set - 3 pk

Sprout Tableware

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Sprout Ware Tableware is made of from plants so it is petroleum free.  This environmentally friendly vegetable starch is used to make multi-use disposable tableware for Green Sprouts

Sprout Ware is multi-use disposable tableware that is dishwasher safe (top rack only) up to 10 washing. Hand washing will extend the life of Sprout Ware. The hot temperatures of the dishwasher will also cause the colors of Sprout Ware to fade.

You can get Sprout Ware Plate & Bowl Sets, Sprout Ware Snack Cups, Sprout Ware Sippy Cups, Sprout Ware Toddler Fork & Spoon Sets and Infant Spoon Sets.

The Bowl is a deep bowl that is divided into 3 sections and is 6 inches in diameter. The Plate doubles as a travel lid for the Bowl.

The Snack Cups hold 4 ounces and have twist on lids that you can also use with the Sippy Cups.

The Sippy Cups hold 7 ounces and have twist on spouts that are easy to drink out of and a travel lid - both can be used with the Snack Cups.

The Toddler Fork & Spoon Sets are just the right size for toddlers to use. The Infant Spoons have curved handles to make it easy for you to feed your baby.

Sprout Ware
 Boy Set

Girl Set
Sprout Ware Plate & Bowl Set - 2 pack

Sprout Ware
Boy Set
Sprout Ware
Girl Set
Sprout Ware Toddler Fork & Spoon Set - 10 pack (5 forks & 5 spoons)

Green Sprouts Plates
Toddler Plates - 3 Pack
Boy or Girl colors
4.5" diameter
Curved lip to keep food and liquid on plate.
Green Sprouts Toddler Fork & Spoon Set
Toddler Fork & Spoon Set - 6 pack
Boy or Girl colors
Sprout Ware Sprout Ware Snack Cup - 4 pack
Sprout WareSprout Ware Sippy Cup with Travel Lid - 3 pack
Sprout WareSprout Ware Infant Spoons - 10 pack

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