iPlay is the original Swim Diaper manufacturer with over 15 years of experience making, testing, and improving their Swim Diaper, and they are one of the best in business!  Their Ultimate Swim Diaper is built into their basic swimwear line including tanksuits, shortinis, bikinis, tankinisboard shorts, trunks and sunsuits.

iPlay Ultimate Swim Diapers are a reusable swim diaper with an improved waterproof and absorbent design. iPlay Ultimate Swim Diapers have 3 layers - a waterproof layer to prevent leaks, a super absorbent layer to absorb wetness and a wick-away lining to keep moisture from baby's skin. The outer material of this swimming diaper is a coated poly shell that has no PVC or phthalates and the absorbent layer has no super absorbent gels.

               iPlay Ultimate Swim Diaper Diagram

iPlay Swim Diaper Diagram

Washing instructions for the iPlay Swim Diaper: Machine wash in cool to warm water. Air dry - DO NOT put in the dryer (it could melt)!

Newborn (6-10 lbs)
Small (10-18 lbs)
Medium (18-22 lbs)
Large (22-25 lbs)
X-Large (25-30 lbs)
3T (30-38 lbs)
4T (38-46 lbs)
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