Healthy Swimming


Swimming is a popular recreational activity. It is good exercise and fun! Even though pools have modern disinfection systems and lakes, rivers, and oceans have many environmental improvements, there has been an increase in the number of illnesses associated with swimming. Children are especially at risk of suffering from more severe illnesses if infected.

What about the chlorine?  Chlorine in swimming pools does kill germs that make people sick, but it takes chlorine longer to kill some germs.  Crypto (Cryptosporidium) can survive for days in even properly chlorinated swimming pools. 

Therefore, you should practice healthy swimming behaviors and reduce the risk of getting ill. Parents of young children should take children on bathroom breaks or check diapers often.  Change diapers in a bathroom - not at poolside.  Wash children thoroughly with soap and water before swimming.

Most public swimming pools require babies to use a state approved swim diaper. (See map below.)  Swim diapers can help stop the spread of E.coli and other bacteria.   

For information about infant swimming safety and other information, visit these websites: