Babiators Submariner Swim Goggles
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Babiators Submariner Swim Goggles

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Babiators Submariners Swim Goggles have flexible frames that won't leak and are designed to be comfortable on children. The lenses are anti-fog, shatter resistant and provide 100% UV protection.

Babiators Goggles stands behind these claims with a 1 year guarantee against breakage or loss. To be eligible for this amazing guarantee, just register your purchase at http://www.babiators.com/guarantee/ within 30 days of purchase. If anything should happen to your Babiators, they will replace them for free!

Babiators Submariners Goggles have a strap with an adjustment button to make it hassle free to get a good fit. The high quality silicone gasket and strap will last through many summers.

These safe and durable swim goggles come with a submarine case that has holes on the tail and bottom so kids can watch bubbles rise when the sub dives to the bottom of the tub or pool.

Babiators Submariners Swim Goggles fit most children ages 3-7.

Babiators Submariners Swim Goggles

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