Swim Diapers

Swim diapers are reusable, cloth diapers that have a waterproof layer on the outside and a soft absorbent layer on the inside. Swim diapers should fit snugly. They are designed to be worn alone but may be worn over a disposable diaper or under a regular swimming suit.

Why use swim diapers?

Many states require swim diapers when diaper-aged children use a public pool. When a swim diaper fits properly, most bacteria including E.coli are prevented from entering the water. So prevent messy pool accidents by using a swim diaper!

Swim diapers won't fall apart in the water and therefore won't clog pool filters. Because they don't absorb water, they don't become waterlogged and heavy. Therefore, they do not absorb urine (so please beware so you don't get a wet lap!). If swim diapers would absorb urine they would also absorb water, potentially pulling baby under water. This is also true for disposable swim diapers.

Some like to use pocket cloth diapers or diaper covers as swim diapers. Please be aware that water can get trapped in the cover not only causing a mess but could potentially be unsafe to your baby.

Reusable, cloth swim diapers can be washed and reused all season! There are many different styles, colors, and prints to choose from.

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