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The intention of this website is to offer an easy to read/understand place to learn why and how you should protect your baby's skin from the sun. The products offered are made to do just that - protect your baby's skin, but still give you a wide choice of styles, colors, and patterns. You won't find this wide of selection in any store at these low prices! Add our fast, low shipping and you will not find a better deal. This website is offered to you by Nicki's Diapers. www.nickisdiapers.com You can expect the same quality of merchandise, low prices, and excellent customer service. You trust Nicki's Diapers - you can trust My Swim Baby!

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To learn more about baby sun protection, check out these great websites:
www.aap.org (American Academy of Pediatrics)
www.americansun.org (American Sun Protection Association)
www.healthyswimming.org (The Center for Disease Control)
www.skincancer.org (The Skin Cancer Foundation)

Why should baby's skin be protected from the sun?

  1. A baby's skin is thinner and therefore more sensitive which means it will burn more easily. Even babies with darker skin need protection from the sun.
  2. Sunburn in babies and children is a key risk factor in melanoma, the most dangerous type of skin cancer.
  3. The sun's harmful UV rays can damage the eyes, contributing to cataracts and other eye diseases.

What can be done to protect baby's skin from the harmful rays of the sun?

  1. Keep babies under 6 months out of the sun. Move to the shade under a tree or umbrella.
  2. Use Sun Protective Wear for babies. This is clothing made to protect baby's skin from the sun's rays. It is different from regular summer clothing, because it has a tighter weave and is usually a darker color. Clothing shouldn't be labeled sun protective unless it has a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of 15 or higher. The higher the number (50+ is the highest), the more protection it gives. Also, a wide-brimmed hat will protect your baby's scalp, ears, face, eyes, and neck.
  3. Use a waterproof sunscreen that is made specially for young children. It should have a Sun Protective Factor (SPF) of at least 15. Check with your pediatrician before using sunscreen on babies younger than 6 months. Be sure to put sunscreen on 30 minutes before taking your baby out into the sun.
  4. Sunglasses that protect eyes from UVA and UVB rays are also important.